Five of the best mental health videos

Videos can be a great way of communicating the the issue of Mental Health at Work, but it can be tough finding good ones.  Too many of them follow a similar format of talking heads (sufferers or experts) with a downbeat sound track  – not the sort of thing to grab someone’s attention.  However, there are some good ones out there – we’ve scoured to internet to find the best of the bunch.

No.1  The Power of OK

Produced by SeeMe Scotland, this is by far the best mental health video we have come across.   It’s fun, fast-paced and powerful, and a refreshing change from the “talking heads” format.  We really like the rhythm of the language and the images.   We’d be equally happy showing it to a Board of Directors or a bunch of brickies on a building site.  It does contain the f -word and other explicit language. but we think it is appropriate and justified.

No. 2 The Big Cheesy

The follow on from the Power of OK, focusing on the manager’s role.  Equally well done.

No. 3 Mental Health at Work: Recognising distress

While not in the same class as The Power of OK, this video from the Mental Health Foundation for Royal Mail is well-produced and does a good job of encouraging people to talk about their mental health problems..  As well as being an expert, the narrator, Isabelle Goldie has a splendid Scottish accent which makes you sit up and take notice – think Jean Brodie.

No. 4   Ruby Wax: What’s so funny about Mental Illness? TED Talk

Ruby wax gives an insight in into living with depression in her inimitable style. 

No. 5  Living with a mental disorder

OK, this is one of those talkingheads with a down beat sound track videos, but to our mind it does the best job of putting into words (and graphics) what it is like to experience stress, anxiety, depression and OCD.

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