Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation client meeting Occupational Therapist

EnableWorks offers insurers, case managers and solicitors, a complete service for the vocational rehabilitation of personal injury claimants.

Our team of vocational specialists has an excellent track record of helping clients who have suffered life-changing injuries return to work or education.

Our services range from specific assessments to complete case management of the vocational rehabilitation process.

Occupational Therapist undertaking Functional Capacity Evaluation

Expert Assessments

Our specialist Occupational Therapists undertake a full range of objective assessments to support the rehabilitation process, including:

  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Occupational assessments
  • Job demands analysis
  • Work capacity evaluation
  • Workplace functional capacity

Client undertaking vocational rehabilitation exercise


EnableWorks designs and delivers bespoke rehabilitation programmes focused on the client’s vocational needs.

This can also involve work hardening programmes to prepare the client both physically and mentally for the return to work.

Vocational specialist undertaking job coaching

Job coaching

Our Occupational Therapists and professional counsellors work with clients to :

  • explore viable vocational options, from returning to their original job to starting a new career;
  • develop realistic return to work paths;
  • identify training needs;
  • set vocational goals and establish plans to achieve them;
  • provide practical support, e.g. preparing CVs, undertaking job searches.

Vocational specialist and client meeting employer

Working with employers

Our Vocational Specialists work with employers to get clients back into work.

This can include:

  • advising on reasonable adjustments;
  • developing back-to-work plans;
  • supporting employees in the work place.

Vocational rehabilitation programme complete – client back at work

Case Management

EnableWorks’ specialists can undertake the complete, end-to-end, case management of the vocational rehabilitation programme.

Improving Outcomes

It is widely recognised that early intervention by a vocational specialist in the rehabilitation improves the chances of successful return to work.

Key benefits of early intervention include:

  • enabling vocational objectives to be set at early stage and integrated in to the rehabilitation process;
  • improving motivation by discussing and setting expectations for a return to work from the start;
  • helping maintain contact the employer, promoting a dialogue about return to work and potential reasonable adjustments

For more information on our services or to discuss a case, please contact Simon Tandy on 07977500594