Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is about providing people with skills for the job of living.

The “occupation” in Occupational Therapy refers to all the purposeful activities that enable people to lead fulfilling and productive lives, including looking after themselves (self-care), enjoying themselves (leisure activities) and making a social/economic contribution to their community (working). Occupational Therapists work with people with mental and physical disabilities to help them recover the skills they need to undertake these activities.

Occupational Therapy is at the heart of EnableWorks business. We provide a range of assessment and therapeutic services to help our clients lead as satisfying, fulfilling and independent lives as possible.

Occupational Therapy


Housing Adaptations:

Housing Adaptations Housing adaptation assessments enable people to live as independently as possible in their own homes by recommending both simple and complex adaptations. At Enable Works we offer a full service including planning/design services as well as project management, giving you peace of mind throughout the whole adaptation process of your home.

These assessments are also useful for housing organisations, and can be carried out as part of the development process prior to building a new home or commercial property, to ensure that the building meets the needs of the user. It is often very expensive to change a building after completion and planning prior to building can save significant money in the long term.


Injury Management Assessment:

This assessment focuses on the specifics of the injury and its overall impact on the person who is injured. This assessment is used as a guide to determine what rehabilitation is required and predict the potential benefit for the client. It will guide you to put in place both short and long-term strategies to help manage the client’s on going needs throughout their recovery.


Immediate Needs Assessments:

This is the foundation assessment, which focuses directly on the immediate needs of the client following the incident that has affected their independence. It is the starting point for most Occupational Therapy intervention and will enable the referrer to focus treatment and put in place the treatment and support needed.

Equipment Assessments:

Specific equipment assessments advise the best possible solution in order to maximise independence. These assessments will evaluate and source the most effective disability equipment to meet the physical needs of the client. We can also source the equipment required following the assessment, and arrange for delivery and installation if required. Assessments provide a swift initial response, which focuses directly on the immediate needs of the client following the incident, and how it has affected their independence.


Rehabilitation Programmes:

The role of the Occupational Therapy in rehabilitation aims to improve your ability to carry out the everyday activities that have been affected by illness, injury. Occupational therapy helps you get the most out of what is important in your life.

Rehabilitation can focus on work and leisure as well as the everyday daily activities. At Enable Works we carry out a bespoke assessment and design the rehabilitation program around your goals and the key issue affecting you.

Ongoing support and one to one sessions will help ensure success and help you regain you sense of self. Whether it is a long-term disability or you are recovering from surgery or an injury, having access to the right rehabilitation program is key to rebuilding your life.

Rehabilitation Programmes