Getting people back to work

Enable Works offers a range of specialist interventions to support effective absence management and return employees to work quickly and safely as possible.

Functional capacity assessment

What is it?
Where an employee has developed a disability through illness or an accident, this is systematic assessment, performed by a clinical expert, of the impact of the employee’s condition on their overall physical capacity, i.e. physically, what is he/she able and not-able to do.


How does it help?
Having an independent and objective assessment of the impact of the employee’s disability facilitates a more open and transparent dialogue with employee on what he/she is able to do. This enables better planning and development of a return to work programme. Coupled with a Work Place Assessment it provides a complete picture of the employee’s capacity to undertake a job and any reasonable adjustments that might be made.

Return to work programmes

What is it?
There can be many issues, both physical and mental, that prevent an employee from returning to work after serious illness. Our expert Occupational Therapists work with the employer and employee, facilitating a dialogue, to identify and address these issues and agree a staged return to work programme. The Therapist then monitors and reviews implementation on a regular basis.

The programme may involve:

  • Counselling
  • Work-hardening rehabilitation programmes
  • Help with travel arrangements
  • Initially returning to light duties or reduced hours
How does it help?
Return to work programmes reduce the length of absences and the likelihood of the return to work failing, i.e. repeat absence. They also ensure that should further action be necessary the employer can demonstrate they have fulfilled all their obligations and their duty of care.

Reasonable adjustment advice

What is it?
The Equality Act 2010 requires employers to make “reasonable adjustments” to accommodate disabled workers, e.g. if a worker develops a disability or a disabled candidate applies for a job. Based on an assessment of the disability and the nature of the job, this service provides practical advice on the adjustment that can be made and what would be considered reasonable for the employer.


How does it help?
This service helps employer meet their legal obligation and take reasonable steps to accommodate a disabled workers.

Career and out-placement coaching

What is it?
In some circumstances an injury or illness will prevent an employee returning to their original position. In this case the options are likely to be redeployment or, in the worst cases, termination of employment. Coaching helps the employee look positively at redeployment or alternatively supports them through the process of leaving the company and seeking alternative employment.


How does it help?
Coaching is a compassionate way of helping an employee move on, be it into a different role or redundancy. It is a way of “doing the right thing” and helping resolve the issue in a reasonable time frame.