Coaching is collaborative solution-focused, results-orientated and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the personal growth of the coachee. The coach works with each individual to enhance performance, overcome obstacles, improve life experience and encourage self-directed learning.

Typically the client meets with the coach in a 1:1 confidential partnership. The client chooses the focus of the conversation and the coach works with them by listening and contributing observations and questions to help them clarify their understanding of the situation and move them into action to progress towards their goals. (The client brings the content; the coach provides a process, which can apply in any context).


Coaching accelerates the clients’ progress by helping them to focus on where they want to go, become aware of blocks, attitudes and aptitudes that affect their choices and by supporting them in developing strategies to achieve their goals. Ownership of content and decisions remain with the client throughout.


Career Coaching Career coaching helps individuals discover what they really want to do with their career and then develop a strategy for achieving their career goals. Career coaching is useful for people who are undergoing changes in their life or career and want to explore new possibilities. Career coaching is also useful for people who feel stuck or unfulfilled in their job.

Career coaching can help you:

  • Understand what you value most in your work and what you really want from your career.
  • Appreciate the skills and experience you have.
  • Plan a strategy for achieving your career goals.


Outplacement CoachingOutplacement coaching is a service for organisations during times of change and when they are making redundancies. A combination of leadership, management and communication coaching gives managers the skills and confidence to deal with the challenging decision process, while CV, interview and career coaching ensures redundant staff move as smoothly as possible to their next job.


Leadership CoachingLeadership coaching offers developmental support for emerging and experienced leaders to enhance their success in achieving professional, career and personal goals within the context of organisational values and business goals. The coaching process focuses on the individual but brings significant benefits to the organization by improving performance, productivity, job satisfaction and retention of valued employees.


Life CoachingLife coaching offers individuals a supportive and motivating environment to explore what they really want in life and to develop strategies for setting achieving goals. The coach will help the individual to identify and commit to actions, to reflect on their experiences and to overcome barriers. Coaching allows the individual the space and support they need to grow and develop. The coach’s role is to support and assist the individual to maintain motivation and commitment.